Ver 故乡,别来无恙 online Zhang Pei, Gou Dan Dan, Dong Jia Xi and Wu Yun are four girls who grew up together. Zhang Pei is a strict insurance agent, Gou Dan Dan is a brilliant beauty blogger, Dong Jia Xi works at a theater to pursue her dream and Wu Yan was admitted to become a subdistrict civil officer. They were working towards each of their goals in different cities, but chance and coincidence caused them to reunite again in their hometown. Company development meant Zhang Pei returned to her cowtown to do business there, Gou Dan Dan moved back to give birth, Dong Jia Zi moved back because of her mother's illness, while Wu Yun looked forward to their return amidst her busy work. In their hometown, they found a new direction in careers, gained friendship, the comfort of family and the beauty of love.


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Primer: Nov 03, 2023

Último: Nov 28, 2023

País: China

Duración: 26 minutos

Calidad: HD

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