Enelia gives her first advice to PabloPablo begins to play with candelaPablo Escobar escapes from jailPablo surrenders to the authoritiesPablo and Gonzalo inaugurate the 'Napoles' farmA new armed force is bornPablo Escobar has his first encounter with politicsPablo Escobar wants to be a member of the Congress of the republicPaty almost discovered Pablo's adventuresEscobar makes his foray into politics easierRegina Parejo appears in the life of Pablo EscobarEscobar is elected as 'honorable' representative to the HouseEscobar seeks to be the 'Creole Robin Hood'A tough debate puts Rodrigo Lara in checkGalán asks Lara for an explanationThe Minister surprises the country with his statementsThe Police dismantles TranquilandiaPablo Escobar undertakes his revengeAttack ends the life of Rodrigo LaraThe assassination of Lara causes a commotion in the countryIn the footsteps of criminalsPablo and Gonzalo arrive in PanamaEscobar doesn't get away with itIn search of 'protection' and alliesEscobar's own men begin to betray himPrueba reina definiría la extradiciónThe MR-2O executes the Taking of the Palace of JusticeWave of terror against judgesThe Police, in the footsteps of HerberThey assassinate Magistrate ZuluagaJiménez protects himself against threatsThey declare the extradition unenforceableThe extraditable 'seek a way to be tried in ColombiaEn busca de la prueba reinaThey attack the correspondent of El EspectadorColonel Jiménez is in dangerColonel Jiménez diesThe country, horrified by the death of Colonel JiménezThe Police inspect the Hacienda NapolesCano's life is in dangerGuillermo Cano is assassinatedThe country mourns the death of CanoThe press rejects Cano's murderEscobar's evil crosses bordersEscobar wants to assassinate HerberEscobar should have Herber aliveMarcos Herber is captured by the PoliceEscobar mocks the authoritiesEscobar 'sells' his own menMauricio, very close to discovering Pablo's betrayalEscobar delivers a 'false positive' to PedregalEscobar announces a new warFirecrackers explode in Drugs El RebajónPedro Motoa is arrestedThe Cali Cartel prepares an attack against EscobarThe 'Marino' murders YeseniaMotoa is releasedThey attack Pablo Escobar and his familyEscobar does not let his head have a priceAndrés Pastrana kidnappedEscobar faces PastranaThe war escalates between the State and the drug traffickersAnnounced the murder of the Attorney General of the NationThe anger and jealousy, the worst enemies of EscobarPablo Escobar unleashes its wrathThe 'Mariachi' prepares a sinister planNew victims of the terror of Pablo EscobarColonel Quintana has no outputColonel Quintana is killedDespite the warnings, decides to go to Soacha GalanThe crime that the country reactedThe country is shocked with the loss of this braveThe Government is committed to the murderersAna Maria Cano seeks security of The EspectadorAttack on El EspectadorThe Espectador goes onThe first member of Escobar's family fallsEscobar orders two new attacksPeraza receives an envelope bombA cruel and atrocious attack shocks ColombiaAttack on the DAI buildingThe 'narco-terrorism' will not triumphThe elite group, in the footsteps of 'Mariachi'The Elite Group and the 'Mariachi' faceThe authorities dismiss the 'Mariachi'Escobar sends a message to the Government'The extraditable' accept the call for peacePeace negotiations canceledEscobar puts a price on the policeAnother presidential candidate fallsEscobar starts war against PabonThey discover that Escobar Pineda is complicitPresidential candidate Diego Pizano fallsPabon receives a 'juicy' proposalThe 'Chili' falls, Escobar's right handAuthorities increasingly near EscobarEscobar falls ill with malariaGonzalo Gaviria falls into confrontation with the elite GroupDiana Turbay falls into the clutches of Pablo EscobarTurbay is kidnapped by order of EscobarMaruja and Berenice, victims 'pattern of evil'The Motoa are thinking deliveredDiana Turbay dies in her rescueA priest is an intermediary for peaceEscobar plans to surrenderEscobar surrenders to the authoritiesThe Cali Cartel wants to 'negotiate' with EscobarEscobar continues to commit crimes from the CathedralThe Government authorizes the creation of a search unitDie 'Cain', another man of Pablo EscobarLittle by little Pablo Escobar's men fall'Los pepes' attack the Escobar familyThe death of Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar, el patrón del mal

Ver Pablo Escobar, el patrón del mal online Versión libre del libro "La parábola de Pablo". Describe la vida del narco colombiano Pablo Escobar Gaviria desde su infancia, El uso de la violencia indiscriminada lo convirtió en el narcotraficante más temible y sanguinario de finales del siglo XX. Llegó incluso a desestabilizar al Gobierno colombiano hasta el punto de ser el criminal más buscado del mundo.

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Primer: May 28, 2012

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