The Fishing Pond in My Study RoomThe Time Machine is Lost!!Remember! The Excitement of That DayThe Sonic Oscillation Terror MachineThe Almighty PassThe Time ClothThe Dandelions Fly Off into the Sky(Top Secret) Spy WarHello, AlienNobita's Underground CountryThe Substitution Rope StoryJaiko, the CartoonistDoraemon`s EverywhereHeart CologneMy Love Just Won`t Stop~MeowBottle Cap CollectionThe Odd, Odd UmbrellasNow-Now StickThe Transformation BiscuitsGoodbye, ShizukaThe Debut of the Mood-Changing Orchestra!The Friend CircleThe Knock-Down HitmanThe Woodcutter`s SpringDoraemon`s Big PredictionA Girl Like White LiliesBorrowing in the ShadeMemorization Bread for TestingAntique CompetitionGhost LampDream Wind ChimeDress-Up CameraGo For It, My AncestorThe Bow-Bow GrasshopperJaiko`s Boyfriend = NobitaThe Guidance AngelMy Home is Getting Farther and Farther AwayAh, Love, Love, Love!Operation: Sleeping DekisugiNobita Runs Away From Home for a Long TimeHonest TarouThe Head of the GorgonThe King of Sharpshooting ContestWolf-Man CreamThe All-Season BadgeOperation: Y LoweHardship MisoInvincible Konchuu TanI Love You, RobokoVoice ThickenerN-S BadgesThe Snail House Sure is CarefreeThe Smoke Monster of the LampThe New Year`s Party in the WallpaperI`m Going to Transfer This ColdHot Spring TripThe Paddy Field MatThe Over-exaggerating OvercoatThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of Real ThingsCreating the EarthThe Progression-Regression BeamOnce Upon a Floating ChronicleThe Dream ChannelDinosaur Footprints DiscoveredNature Plastic Model SeriesGiant Monster of the Uninhabited IslandThe Word Game Transformation EggKing of the Stone AgeAll the Way From the Country of the FutureThe City of Dreams: Nobita LandI`m Gonna Become a Fine Dad!Esper SuneoSuneo is the Ideal Big BrotherThrough Stomach or WaterPero! Come Back to LifeFever! Gian FanclubGian is Feeling DownBig Problem With the X-Ray StickersThe Human Book CoverDon`t Cry, JaikoJaiko`s New ComicThe Lazy DayAren`t You Nobita, the Cat?Swapping MomsNobita Disappeared?All Alone in the City of the FutureThe Schedule Clockhe Just-As-You-Said PillsThe World is Full of LiesNobita`s Drifting ChronicleThe Stupidity Time BombsThe In-advance Diary is HorribleAssorted MonstersWhat Are Those Two Doing, All Alone Together?Water Processing SprinkleA plan to expand all humanity!?It was quiet. I saw it. . . I'm a helperWatercyclineDoraemon`s SongNobita Got a 100The Devil CardThe Light-or-Heavy MeterThe Absconding LeafThe Tax BirdThe Bad Luck DiamondThe Mini Hot-Air BalloonNobita's room, rental four-dimensional building blockWill Nobita and Gian get together? The thread of connectionDevil PassportThe Cute Rock StoryThe What-If Phone BoxWinning Back Shizuka-chan (1)Winning Back Shizuka-chan (2)Oh, Lovely Mii-chanThe Sleeping Genius NobitaThe Robinson Crusoe SetBig Pinch! Suneo`s Examination PaperThe Worldwide FloodThe Couple Test BadgesExploring the Earth (1)Exploring the Earth (2)A World Without MirrorsThere`s No Way We Can Produce a CartoonNobita`s Black HoleA great adventure in the back mountains! Stretched Ball Type Desperate ExpeditionHe is LivingMagical Girl Shizu-chanThe Secret of Shizuka-chan`s HeartSuper Gian: The Hero of JusticeThe Owl Man Suit: The Hero of JusticeThe Horror of Gian`s BirthdayThe Horror of Gian`s Birthday ReturnsGian Lost!?Nobita Becomes Picasso! Seems-bad-but-not SprayUsing Unsaved Savings!The Horizon in Nobita`s RoomShizuka-chan in the EggManatsu no Himitsu Dougu Shopping!Ninki Star ga MakkurokeMuriyari Athletic HouseA cat created a companyThe Pool in the CloudsScoop! Nobita and the Secret DateThe Elephant and the UncleHarapeko Goshujin-samaSteal my diamondBe Careful About Buying From the FutureDoreamon is Really Sick?Don`t Take My JackNobita raises Princess KaguyaOtsukai wa Son Gokuu, Zoukingake wa CinderellaNobita Sennin ni Naru!?Fuko the TyphoonPinocchio`s FlowerFedual Lord of the 21st CenturyThe Gourmet Table ClothThe Snowman`s Part-time JobI`m Mini DoraemonLooks, Strength, or IQ?Electric Shock TradeThe Goodie FarmThe Stop Being Late PlanDefeat Gian! The Magic SpellNobita + Pigeon =?Strong StoneSuneo, Goes to the Beauty SalonGoodbye, Suneo...Nobita: Gunfighter of the Cosmos (1)Nobita: Gunfighter of the Cosmos (2)Kudos to Captain Nobita!Genius Dekisugi's rocket planThe Invincible, Ultra-Special-Mighty-Strong-Super ArmorThe Ghost Nobita LovedThe Forest is AliveThe Day When I Was BornTameshi ni SayounaraDoraemon VS DraculaDoraemon VS DraculaDramatic GasNobita wa Erai! o Mou IchidoShizuka-chan`s Present Is NobitaReal Life Video Game From the FutureGreat Detective NobitaBuild a Subway for Father`s DayGian, in LoveGian, in Love 2Let`s Go See the Ocean in a SubmarineThe Space War of the Star FestivalBoku yori Dame na Yatsu ga KitaBodyguard wa HaigoreiBaibainGoodbye, Hana-chanBut, I Saw a Ghost!My Birthday is the Same as AlwaysThe Life Do-Over MachineThe Stone Age HotelFacing the GiansLet`s Remake the WorldDoraemon Takes the Day Off!!Advent-chaBerosou Uranai de OoatariNobita Spends 3000 Days on a Deserted IslandThe Nobi Robot is UselessNobita`s Encounter CatalogKoi no Uwasa wa YamerarenaiJikan yo Ugoke!!And So, We Left on a JourneySuneo`s Invisible FortThere is a Soul to CushionOtouto o TsukurouAku no Michi o Susume!Dorami`s Absolute Worst DayThe Best Melon Bread in the WorldOur Homemade Giant Robot Loses ControlKorogaru Saka no TsueNobita no Reiten Dasshutsu SakusenNobizaemon`s TreasureNobita`s Dream StoryHalf of a Half of a Half AgainEpisode 220That Day, That Time, and That DarumaNobita and Shizuka`s House of LoveSummoning in Victory With the Cheerleader GlovesThe Mystery of the Village in the MountainsFantasy Animal Safari ParkThe Mysterious Person in the Future WorldThe Day Doraemon is RebornWelcome to the Center of the Earth (1)Welcome to the Center of the Earth (2)Shizuka-chan Disappeared!?Nobita`s Proposal PlanDoraemon ga Diet!?Nobi-ka no Kakei ga Dai PinchSeigi no Mikata Self KamenIsourou GianTomodachi ni Natte ChonmageOpposite PlanetThe Suneo Kidnapping CaseDoraemon Gives UpKonchuu Hikouki ni NorouUmi ni Hairazu Kaitei o Sanpo Suru HouhouManatsu ni Fuyu ga Yatte KitaLike I Said, A Ghost AppearedThe Nobita in NobitaA Happy Mermaid PrincessDoraemon, In LoveDame Inu, MukuKobi to Robot wa Hatarakisha!?Nobita is the Only Creature on EarthBig Rampage! Nobita`s BabyThe Nobi House Turns Into a Giant Maze!?Violetta of the RainbowFarewell from the WindowBecoming Faceless with an EraserThe Toy SoldiersHot Blood! Nobita`s Sports DayFollow That Alien!The Horror of Gian Dinner ShowOnce in a While, Nobita Can Think, TooFine Dog!? ChukenperA Black Hole in Nobita`s TownWhat is Gian`s Good Point?The Long, Long, New YearsBig Panic! Super BabyHomereba Nobita mo GeijutsukaMigi ka Hidari ka Jinsei CourseThe Wild Man HeadbandYarisugi! Nozomi JitsugenkiGorgeous! Suneo`s Luxuriously Poor BirthdayTsururin! Sensei ga TomaranaiDaifuugou NobitaPetanko Roller de OhikkoshiNobita no Mimi ni Tako ga Dekiru HanashiNobita no Ensoku SurvivalThe Curse of the Laughing DollThe Long, Slender FriendLong Ago, Mom Was Just Like Nobita!?Create Gian`s WeaknessCreate Dekisugi`s Weakness, TooShizu-chan and the Grandfather TreeThe Opposite ArrowThe Nobita that Nobita Never KnewWhere`d Cinderella GoGrandpa, In the Midst of a DreamI`m Honekawa DoraemonGoing for a Vacuum Cleaner DriveI Caught a Sea MonsterThe House Became a RobotThe Story of Taking Off Your Body`s SkinJaiko and Dorami Have Boyfriends!?Welcome to Monster Inn!Nobita`s Birthday Adventure JournalMinna de Karada o TorikaekkoDonburakoThe Treasure of Skull IslandTransform, Transform, Transform AgainLittle House on the Big IcebergGoing Through the Sky on the Character "Wa"Transform! The Dracula SetA Real 3D TVOn That Day, Everything Turned Into a MouseThe Mystery of GoodielandThe Country of Ichi the Puppy: BondingThe Country of Ichi the Puppy: HopeLet`s Go to a Hot Spring with Shizuka-chanBut Doraemon Wants a MomI`ll Be the King of String Finger WorldThe Terror of Jaiko`s CurryProcrastinating With the Sooner-or-Later ChestnutNobita`s Big Radish BattleFlying Through the Sky! The Nobi Family`s KotatsuNobita`s Pet is a Paper Dog!?Nobita`s Town Becomes a Snowy MountainGian`s House`s Extreme MakeoverNobita Becomes a Sticker!?Running Away to the Cretaceous PeriodDoraemon, SquaredVote for da Boss o` da Brats!Nobita`s Confusing School Entrance CeremonyWelcome! To the Nobi HotelI Can Only Speak the TruthI Don`t Like Shizuka-chan Being Like This!The Fishing Pond for Things You DroppedThe Understanding and Thankfulness MachineThe Troublesome GulliverThe Rumored NobitaRiver Otter Nobita`s Great AdventureThe Wishing StarThe Big Popularity Pheromone PlanDebut of a New Song! Gian the Great?Shizuka is Acting All Goofy?The Nobita That StoppedMemories of GrandmaThe Tanabata Sky Came Falling DownThe Nobi Family`s Giant TunafishI`ve Got a Spare Fourth Dimensional PocketRiding a Cloud to SchoolMy House is a Night TrainUltra RingIt`s Solved! The Dekisugi CaseNobita Becomes a GhostPilark of the PuddleThe Gian Battery Is InfiniteThe Cute Rock StoryGian Makes an Appearance on TV!Story Badges for a Hot SummerThat Lie Is TrueI Wanna Give You My EverythingDoraemon`s One-Day-Only LoveI Humbly Accept Your Good PointsKing Nobita Is UndefiableRun! Bamboo HorseMoonlight and Bug VoicesMajin no Inai Mahou no LampNobita no Ninja ShugyouSou Naru Kai SetSaikou! Saiaku na OmotenashiThe Super Mobile Bathtub 1010Nobita Becomes Company PresidentKikaikakiAnata Dake no Mono GasI`m Nobiko-chanThe Mecha MakerThe Rich Kid MamboThe Lying MirrorKyodai Suneo Arawaru!Hirune OsenshukenThe Anywhere CannonGravity PaintGo Home, You Unwanted GuestMemorization Bread for TestsQuiz wa Chikyuu o MeguruYaneura no Piiman HataThe Good Mood Warmth StickerThe Mom vs Mom BattleUltra MixerTotsugeki! Hakushon BustersThe "Out with the Demons" BeansGoodbye, Shizuka-chanGian StewKaiten! Doubutsu-kun Ren`yaAttakai YukigassenSuneo ga Gouden Shouten de ArbeitTV Kyoku o Hajimeta yoAitsu o KatamechaeAnata ni TsukushinbouOsoda AmeWaratte KurasouNobita no Musuko ga Iede ShitaOishii Onsen ni Nyuurou!Takara Sagashi Gokko SetDoraemon`s 100-Year Time CapsuleHitoyoke Golden WeekApaato no KiNise UchuubitoDoronpaNisshoku o MiyouMangaka Jaiko-senseiAno Michi Kono Michi Raku na MichiPocket no Naka no Shizuka-chanJaiko no Manga ni Ojama ShimasuOtenki BoxCandy Namete Kashu ni NarouModori LightChance MakerShiawase wa Aruite Ikou!Sokkuri YoukanWasuremono OkuritodokekiSanjou! Mushimushi Hero!!IssunboushiNobita no Heya wa Shin`nyuu KinshiAnshin! Gian HokenKessen! Gian vs Obake GundanSekaiki RockShutsugeki! Sensuikan Nobita GouTanoshii Oshigoto SagashiYuurei Kurashi wa YamerarenaiDasanai Tegami no Henji o Morau HouhouHashire! Nagashi SoumenJuppun Okure no EsperDaibouken Game BookJiken BakudanSora to BusakanaHiiki de HiikiOokami Otoko CreamNingenyou Time SwitchNobita ga Kyuuri de Ichitoushou?Tsuzuki SprayKiseki no Duet! Gian & SuneShiawase Trump no KyoufuNetsuen Kachinko!!Namakemon SuitsShitsuke CandyHameln CharmeraPapa no Nobita to Sake no OyugugawaShikaeshi Missile ga Tonde KitaOdoranya Sonson ShoesDoraemon ni Koi Shita TanukiKyoufu no Gian PizzaKessei! Nobii TorozuThe Human Piggy BankThe Birth of Detective Nobita!Kani Tabetai!Jidai o Koete o KaimonoUrutora EhoumakiYuki de AcchicchiSuneo ga HitomeboreShizuka no Uchuuroten FuroKaitou Nobita Sanjou!Bird Cap de Oozora ePapa mama Ouchi de Dai BattleKanarazu Ataru? Tesou SetBakuhatsu KoshouNani ga Nandemo o Hanami oYari Kuri Shtie Hawaii RyokouShizuka-chan no wa Goro moHirune wa Tengoku deDokusai SwitchInstant MamaNerawareta GianDasshutsu! Kyoufu no Honegawa HouseSatori HelmetHouse `CopterShizuka-chan`s Worst Birthday EverShu ni MajiwarebouGian ga PandaOmiyage FuroshikiSaikyou! Kuro Obi NobitaGian no Intai ConcertYume Kantoku IsuAbekobe Sekai MiraaNobita no Himitsu TunnelHikkoshi Chizu de OhikkoshiKagami de CommercialNandemo Ice BouKesshin ConcreteShinkai CyclingNobita no Dokkiri VideoHanabi o Sodateyou!Bunshin HammerObake to Kurashita NatsuyasumiKachinkachin LightNobita`s Big Summer Festival Plan!I Can`t Study in the Sahara DesertHow to Use Nobita`s EnergyFloating Through the Sky with Nose BalloonsThe Human LocomotiveMushroom Picking with a Mini GardenWhat Kinda Day is Halloween?The Sampling SpoonThe Head of the GorgonA Roasted Sweet Potato`s FeelingsTwinkle, Twinkle Little CometNobita vs. Musashi: The Battle Shortly Before GanryujimaKegawaringuChristmas Kirakira DaisakusenYoi Ie Warui IeKyoufushouChikyuu Dasshutsu KeikakKotoba Kinshi MarkerDoubutsu Henshin Ongaeshi GusuriYukidaruma ga Machi ni Yatte KitaChoko Nobita o Meshi AgareAoi Tsuki yo no RecitalAitai Hito Kaiten SushiCopy Zunou de RakushiyouFukubin CombiAruke Aruke Tsuki Made moUmatake BokujouTest ni Ichiyazuke DaruAkichi no IrukaTime Pistol de "Jamamono" wa KeseSekki Jidai no Oo-sama niKoi no Bori o Tsukamaero!Dokodemo Door o Tsukurou!Tsuru yo, On o Kaeshite!Nobita TetsudouButtai Hen Kanjuu de Kaban o Kaba ni!?Na, Nan to!! Nobita ga 100 Ten Totta!!Chin Kara Touge no TakaramonoDeluxe LightNobita no 100 Ten: 35 Nengo no DaijigenNobita no Ebi FryTasukete! TasukebuneDad`s a Mama`s Boy, TooTakeshi`s Bum-Ba-Dum BirthdayButsubutsu KoukankiNobita ElevenUrayama no Doraemon Shiro"Shinjitsu no Hata Jirushi" wa Tsune ni TadashiiSakana ga Boat ni DaihenshinRyuukousei Nekoshakishi VirusIshikoro BoushiNobita no Oyome-sanMini House de Norikiru NatsuUkiuki Suru UkiwaShizuka-chan ga Kappa ni!?Michibiki AngelNobita Koukuu e YoukosoKamisama Gokko22-Seiki no Suteki na CampPortable KokkaiIkari no PopcornTanukiHalloween no Bousou KabochaHorror Fuki GosenzoSora Tobu Manga HonNureginu o Kiseyou!Mukimuki Karada NendoArashi de Yassukero!Ochiba to JaikoShizuka-chan ni Natta NobitaClone Rikiddo GokuuOkane no Iranai SekaiDorami ga Umareta HiYarikuri Ari de RecycleOseji KuchibeniIemoto KanbanMachinaka Gunyagunya NendoronSamui Hi wa Yukionna ni Narou!Himitsukichi de Sekai o Mamore!Shijigen CyclingKyouryuu HunterValentine ni Haomochi to Sumou oShizuka-chan to Hako Niwa Ski BaSuneo yori Kanemochi ga Yatte KitaPet Sokkuri ManjuuMuteki no Super RandoseruMogure! Hamaguri PackNobita no Danball Uchuu StationYokodori Gian o KorashimeyouAchikochi HikkosouSutekki de Kawa o MapputatsuShikaeshi DenpyouIruka ni Notte Umi no TabiItawari RobotGian ga Tonde KitaWasurerogusaBokura no DaikuuchuusenNikume NineNobika wa SanjuukaiBousou! Present no KiMizu wa Mite ItaLucky YakanNandemo Nuigurumi ni...Otona ni NaritaiShichiji ni Nanika ga OkoruBikkuri Bako SutekkiBoku Yori Dame na Yatsu ga KitaOzashiki SuizokukanOda ChimpanzeeNobita no Nagai IchinichiMarumie! Dansou VisionDochigeki! Nobita no Gourmet ReportKotoshi mo Ano Hi ga Yatte Kita!Boku o Utsushite! Menkui CameraShiritori de Nessie niKagegariUmi o Hito Kire KiritotteAto wa Omakase Touch TebukuroHarapeko Nobita no MikkakanNoronoro, JitabataSuikawari ni SuikapenTamashiim MachineNobita ga Nakeba Ame ga FuruJungle Tanken ni Haorishi oZokuzoku! Obake SenkouUwasa Hanashi ga Saichatta!Gian no OngaeshiMinami no Shima o KumitateyouYoru o UrimasuUrayama no Usagi KaijuuAppare! Nobi-tono-samaAki no Mushi no RecitalShizume-dama de SukkiriNobita no Otakara KanteiHalloween to NobigaeruTanjou! Mangaka Christine-senseiSora Tobu Sanma ga Yatte KitaMukashi no Kaki no MonogatariYama e! Sora e! Nori mo no GutsuMama, Shougakusei ni NaruMatsutake Tabetai!Boku o Kette! SaioubaHonmono CrayonKazebukuro to Inchiki KusuriNobi Dorobou o Taiho Seyo!Ano Ko o Warawasero!Gian no Uta ga YamerarenaiYozora ni Kagayaku Pizza GyouzaDasshutsu!! Kyodai Christmas CakeSkate Surunara Hyougaki deDoradora Genpeigassen: Shizuka-chan Gozen o Sukue!Episode 634Halloween and Nobi the FrogEpisode 636Episode 637Episode 638Episode 639Episode 640Episode 641Episode 642Episode 643Episode 644Episode 645Episode 646Episode 647Episode 648Episode 649Episode 650Episode 651Episode 652Episode 653Episode 654Episode 655Episode 656Episode 657Episode 658Episode 659Episode 660Episode 661Episode 662Episode 663Episode 664Episode 665Episode 666Episode 667Episode 668Episode 669Episode 670Episode 671Episode 672Episode 673Episode 674Episode 675Episode 676Episode 677Episode 678Episode 679Episode 680Episode 681Episode 682Episode 683Episode 684Episode 685Episode 686Episode 687Episode 688Episode 689Episode 690Episode 691Episode 692Episode 693Episode 694Episode 695Episode 696Episode 697Episode 698Episode 699Episode 700Episode 701Episode 702Episode 703Episode 704Episode 705Episode 706Episode 707Episode 708Episode 709Episode 710Episode 711Episode 712Episode 713Episode 714Episode 715Episode 716Episode 717Episode 718Episode 719Episode 720Episode 721Episode 722Episode 723Episode 724Episode 725Episode 726Episode 727Episode 728Episode 729Episode 730Episode 731Episode 732Episode 733Episode 734Episode 735Episode 736Episode 737Episode 738Episode 739Episode 740Episode 741Episode 742Episode 743Episode 744Episode 745Episode 746Episode 747Episode 748Episode 749Episode 750Episode 751Episode 752Episode 753Episode 754Episode 755Episode 756Episode 757Episode 758Episode 759Episode 760Episode 761Episode 762Episode 763Episode 764Episode 765Episode 766Episode 767Episode 768Episode 769Episode 770Episode 771Episode 772Episode 773Episode 774Episode 775Episode 776Episode 777Episode 778Episode 779Episode 780Episode 781Episode 782Episode 783Episode 784Episode 785Episode 786Episode 787Episode 788Episode 789Episode 790Episode 791Episode 792Episode 793Episode 794Episode 795Episode 796Episode 797Episode 798Episode 799Episode 800Episode 801Episode 802Episode 803Episode 804Episode 805Episode 806Episode 807Episode 808Episode 809Episode 810Episode 811Episode 812Episode 813Episode 814Episode 815Episode 816Episode 817Episode 818Episode 819Episode 820Episode 821Episode 822Episode 823Episode 824Episode 825Episode 826Episode 827Episode 828Episode 829Episode 830Episode 831Episode 832Episode 833Episode 834Episode 835Episode 836Episode 837Episode 838Episode 839Episode 840Episode 841Episode 842Episode 843Episode 844Episode 845Episode 846Episode 847Episode 848Episode 849Episode 850Episode 851Episode 852Episode 853Episode 854Episode 855Episode 856Episode 857Episode 858Episode 859Episode 860Episode 861Episode 862Episode 863Episode 864Episode 865Episode 866Episode 867Episode 868Episode 869Episode 870Episode 871Episode 872Episode 873Episode 874Episode 875Episode 876Episode 877Episode 878从未来购物 (重制版)Episode 880Episode 881Episode 1285Episode 1286Episode 1287Episode 1288Episode 1289Episode 1290Episode 1291Episode 1292Episode 1293Episode 1294Episode 1295Episode 1296Episode 1297Episode 1298

Doraemon, el gato cósmico

Ver Doraemon, el gato cósmico online Doraemon es un gato robot cósmico que viene del futuro, es amigo de Novita, un niño muy despistado y algo torpe, al cual ayudara con sus grandiosos inventos futuristas los cuales saca de su bolsillo mágico, de este modo tratara de evitar los problemas que él ha provocado en el futuro.

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Primer: Apr 22, 2005

Último: Aug 05, 2023

País: Japan

Duración: 22 minutos

Calidad: HD

imdb rating 7.888